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Career Resources does not recommend that you apply directly to companies unless you have a contact within the company already or know for sure there is an opening in your targeted area. We do recommend that you work directly with Recruiters and post your resume on as many “targeted” websites as possible. Both recruiters and companies search these job board websites looking for candidates. Once you apply directly with a drug company, a recruiter can not help you. Most of the job postings on these websites are from a recruiter – not the direct company.

Job Boards: - Your place to visit for Resume Posting, Tips, Job Openings, Articles, and a comprehensive list of links. Easy to use Job Board affiliated with with ALL the NEW Medical device sales jobs, medical sales jobs, pharmaceutical sales jobs and clinical support jobs auto-fed into our Job Board EVERY DAY at midnight Eastern time! Currently FREE membership. Have the ability to see jobs from EVERY source pour in for your viewing in ONE SPOT! It searches all the Job Boards and new posts for you! Linda Hertz Group: A powerful medical and pharmaceutical career networking resource; Leadership Articles, Medical Sales Jobs, Resume Construction, Interviewing Skills, Sales Training, Trade Shows, Hot Medical News and cool lifestyle links for busy professionals! Connect to others in the medical sales industry with the ability to use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more to for getting a great job AND turning it into a GREAT CAREER! Stay plugged in and join us today for FREE Membership! -MEDICALREPS was created to offer a quality niche job board where Sales Representatives, Sales Managers, Executives, VPs & Directors of Marketing, Product Managers, and Technical & Clinical Field Support Personnel could view and respond directly to Medical Career Opportunities either in their own backyard or coast to coast with Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Disposable, Medical Devices and Capital Equipment Companies. This job board is free to candidates. - The leading online resource for medical sales jobs, medical device sales jobs and pharmaceutical sales jobs. is a secure, smart and easy to use career web site for professionals and recruiters who specialize in medical and pharmaceutical sales, sales management, marketing and clinical positions. Rapid offers amazing benefits such as: customized job searches, access to top recruiters, 2 free eBooks + 2 career guides, privacy options, email notifications and resume sharing with the top recruiters in healthcare. Backed by over 50 years of medical sales, management and recruiting experience, they know what it takes to land a good job in a competitive market.

This website offers a number of resources that others do not. You can have your resume reviewed by a Medical Recruiter for Free, Utilize the sites Free Resume Builder, or read one of the many different sales articles.
– was created for professionals seeking medical, pharmaceutical sales, management, marketing, and clinical specialist careers.  This site focuses on not only posting current jobs available throughout the country, but also offers resources so that you can make informed decisions about your career.  This site offers a number of different discussion forums, access to research potential companies, multiple articles from top authors on Job Hunting and Interviewing, a list of Educational Opportunities, and a comprehensive list of over 400 Professional Medical Organizations.
– A Free job board designed specifically for the careers in the Medical Device Industry.
– A targeted job board with multiple resources for the job seeker looking for a career in pharma, biotech, medical device, or capital equipment.  This site offers a number of different forums, a salary survey, and additional educational resources for the job seeker.
– This site connects sales people with opportunities throughout the nation.  Besides being a job board, it also list pharmaceutical recruitment job fairs, offers websites fairs, and articles on sales careers.
– This job board was designed to connect minority candidates in the pharmaceutical sales industry.
– List of Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies and jobs for the pharmaceutical and technical fields.  In addition, it has industry news and a list of clinical trials.
- List of Medical Device and Capital Equiptment  companies and jobs for the Medical Device and technical fields.  In addition, it has industry news and a list of clinical trials. – National job board for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and clinical research careers. – In addition to being a job board, Hot jobs “Tools and Advice” put job seekers in control of their career.
– Post your resume on 130 newspapers each month!
– The Grand daddy of all job boards – Targeted job board in the medical industry. – "How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales - Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager" teaches you the most effective ways to break into the exciting and lucrative pharmaceutical industry. This book was written by Clint Cora, a former successful drug industry. – The medical career site with the industry first online brag book with custom url. Attach to all your resumes and job search efforts. Let them See why they need to SEE YOU! is a FREE SITE that links you directly to all the open jobs within the Pharma, Biotech & Biopharmaceutical industries. We have organized all Pharma info in one easy to navigate site. From this site you can find company information, company stock quotes, recruiter contact info, and of course, direct job links to all the Pharma companies. This is your "one stop shop" for locating all things Pharma!!!

Our sister site does the same thing for the Biotech world. Check us out! What do you have to lose, it's FREE!!!

Resume Resources:Resume Tips, Resume Writing, and Career Advice
– Anne Posegate has a proven system to break into the Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Industry.  She is extremely hands on and will walk you through all of her steps, coach you along the way and will customize a resume targeted for this industry.
– A
team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping candidates obtain pharmaceutical sales jobs and becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative. The resume writers have more than 20 years of  experience in interviewing, hiring, recruiting, pharmaceutical sales resume writing, pharmaceutical selling, interview coaching, and pharmaceutical sales career coaching.  These resume writers offer interview coaching as well.   Their advice has helped thousands of candidates become pharmaceutical sales representatives with top pharmaceutical companies all over the world. - Site dedicated to giving interview tips.  - Although this is not a job board, Corey Nahman gives excellent advice on how to break into this market.  His website also offers reputable information on what is the latest breaking news in the Pharmaceutical Sales Industry.

Salary Surveys – Calculators, Market Trends, Industry Analysis, Demographics, Negotiation Tips & Strategies and cost of living indexes. - Really neat and FREE salary planner and cost of living calculator.  - Medzilla has a salary survey for its members.  Learn what real reps are making from their database.

Networking: –Communicate with people in this industry.   Learn the “ Do’s and Don'ts and Guides”. – Pharma Rep Board.  The website for Pharmaceutical Professionals. Great resource with links.
– This website is dedicated to the networking for sales representatives in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device Industry. - Pharmaceutical sales message board, company database, industry news, links, and more.
- This site is designed from the ground up for the exclusive purpose of networking.


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